CrazyMuzzle has considerable experience in the market of accessories for pets, which is why we look at every detail in our product. Our goal is to provide customers with a product that is safe for the pet, easy to use and long lasting. We guarantee a satisfying shopping and satisfaction of your pet. The owners love their dogs like members of their families, that’s why we attach great importance to the performance and safety of the products we sell. Although the law does not require this, our “Mask-o-muzzles” have been tested as if they were expected to be sold as a toy for children. Taken into account specialized research on the migration of elements and the content of cadmium and phthalates. The results are consistent with the applicable standards, and we provide the report to any concerned pet owner. Therefore, we guarantee safe and high-quality accessories for your pets. We focus on quality materials, precision workmanship and extraordinary designed products. As a result, our offer meets the expectations of the most demanding owner’s exceptional dogs. “Mask-o-muzzles” will allow the dog to stand out from other animals and give it a unique character. This is guaranteed by the functionality and original designs that evoke the delight of dog owners around the world. “Mask-o-muzzles” also meets the basic requirements for these types of products: a required security for the aggressive dog, prevents unwanted biting as well as eating random objects. The appropriate design of the product allows the dog freely stick its tong out and drink water. Our extensive experience in the market, but also the fact that we also have faithful four-legged friends, make our offer is perfectly adapted to the needs of your pets. We ship our products anywhere around world, so that everyone can have their own doggy Mask-o-muzzle.

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